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Andrew Michael Photography blog is online!

AMP has been very busy building an online presence to expand our business. We decided we also wanted to share our experiences as we grow… Hence this blog!

It has been a tough journey so far. Transitioning a hobby to a business is no easy task. While photography as a hobby is fun, enjoyable, and easy, the business side of things bring liability, accountability, and additional costs. Those that know me are well aware that I don’t tend to only give a partial effort. When I want to pursue something, I spend long hours researching every detail that I can, eager to learn as much as possible. Photography was certainly no exception.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the journey… aside from studying the legal aspects, that is. There are many organizations and websites devoted to helping people start businesses. I’m very happy to report that Andrew Michael Photography is a legally registered business, and has been for some time. Only recently have we begun to reach out for a new clients and began expanding our business.

As my wonderful girlfriend would tell you, my favorite part has been acquiring the equipment :).  I’ve been doing photography for many years with varying types of equipment, but to have a gear set like I do now really opens doors and it has certainly been exciting. While great photography can be accomplished with just a point-and-shoot camera, many new opportunities arise once you have the versatility of a Digital SLR. The ability to change lenses based on your scene is undeniably powerful. It allows you to take control and tell the story how you want it to be told through your images.

I’m excited to be using my hobby to make others happy. Photos are keepsakes that last a lifetime and can capture memories and emotions to reflect on time and time again. Working with people to capture those moments is an honor and it’s something I will never stop enjoying.